Shaping Perceptions

Special Shapes Refractory Company (SSRC) is a privately held, family-owned business founded in 1987. As we enter our fourth decade of service to the Glass Industry, we pause to reflect on the reasons for our solid growth.

SSRC understands the processes of constructing, operating and maintaining glass furnaces. Further, we have become a world leader in the identification of refractory wear mechanisms and the development of refractory solutions.

Our basic marketing philosophy is to share comprehensive technical information with engineering, operations, and research personnel. Once the mechanisms are known, the problems can be solved.

We produce shapes for all the major glass manufacturers —including key engineering companies and installation contractors — and our products are in service around the world.

Shaping Service

  • Design and custom build refractory shapes
  • Work with our customers to develop a strong, long lasting working and professional relationship
  • Provide refractory recommendations and solutions
  • Periodic review of each refractory installed to insure proper production
  • Accountability and assistance with order accuracy
  • Apply our Company Guarantee, which is, “It will work, or WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT”!

Shaping Ideas

TANK AZS 35-HP – Our premium, “HOT REPAIR” bonded AZS material used for burner blocks, peephole blocks, mantle blocks and other melter and forehearth superstructure applications for soda lime glass, wool glass, e-glass, and sodium silicate glass

TANK COAT 45 – Designed for both “HOT REPAIR” and “COLD REPAIR” sintered AZS used for all melter and forehearth superstructure applications. TANK COAT 45 is also recommended for interim and long-term melter glass sidewall repairs, superstructure applications, for soda lime, day tank, e-glass and sodium silicate melters

TANK AZS 100M – Specifically designed for soda lime glass superstructure applications that offers such benefits as no exudation, low thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, and excellent structural stability

CHANNEL CAST XTR – 99% + Al2O3 refractory that offers excellent glass corrosion resistance properties, low to no blister defects, a straight line expansion. CHANNEL CAST XTR, due it’s chemical and other physical properties, can be manufactured into channel shapes that both eliminate and reduce the amount of joints typically found in forehearth channel designs

TANK AZS 300M – A zircon/mullite sintered AZS that utilizes the same SSRC developed matrix that is recommended for all soda lime, sodium silicate, e-glass and wool glass melter and forehearth superstructure applications

TANK MUL 65SC – A 65% andalusite refractory material designed for all glass melter superstructure applications that require volume stability, excellent alkali resistance, and superior hot strength

TANK MUL 60SC – A 60% andalusite refractory material recommended for all glass melter superstructure where excellent thermal shock, alkali, and hot strength properties

TANK GT 50CR – 50% sintered alumina-chrome refractory material designed for wool glass contact applications. TANK GT 50CR is also recommended for e-glass superstructure and soda lime glass line over-coat applications

TANK GT 30CR – 30% sintered alumina-chrome refractory material designed for wool glass contact, e-glass superstructure, and soda lime over-coat applications

Other Products – Melter bottom and sidewall back-up layers


Shaping Industries

Industries that Special Shapes RC serves:

  • Soda Lime
  • Sodium Silicate
  • E-Glass
  • Wool Glass
  • Float Glass

Shaping Relationships

Special Shapes Refractory Corporation

1100 Industrial Blvd.
Bessemer, AL 35022

P: 205.424.5653
F: 205.424.3290

As the Management Team of Special Shapes Refractory Company, Inc. (SSRCO), we want to express our concern and gratitude for you during this challenging time and provide a few updates on how SSRCO is responding to COVID-19.

First and foremost, we hope you are following CDC guidelines to protect yourself, your family, friends and your community. All our customers are part of our extended SSRCO family, and your health and well-being matter to us.

Our company has taken proactive actions to both prevent the spread of illness and protect the safety and health of employees, including:

  • Providing guidance for practicing safe social distancing, frequent hand washing, limiting travel and avoiding large crowds.
  • Implementing telecommuting for those who can perform their duties remotely.
  • Canceling facility tours and external meetings.
  • Aggressively sanitizing work areas.
  • Canceling all non-essential business travel – both domestic and international.
  • Asking employees to self-identify if they have traveled or plan to travel internationally.
  • Using technology for meetings.

Taking these actions will greatly assist in maintaining the health and safety of our workforce and their families. Unfortunately, we cannot control the ever-changing international landscape during this time. SSRCO will do our very best to deliver our products on or near the dates previously agreed upon. We will keep our customers informed if their orders will be affected by this unprecedented event.


Luke Evans
Special Shapes Refractory Company, Inc.